2017 Convention Schedule!

I’m excited to announce that I’m actually going to be at a few cons this year! I haven’t tabled at anything since SPX 2014 and I’m super excited!!

So far, I am confirmed at:

  • March 3-5, Portland, OR: Northwest Tarot Symposium (volunteering/attending)
  • June 3, Olympia, WA: Olympia Comics Festival
  • September 8-10, Portland, OR: Rose City Comic Con

The NWTS is super close! I’m not tabling or hosting a workshop or anything at that one, but I AM volunteering, so you’ll probably see me around doing registration or selling raffle tickets and such things! I also get to actually attend the symposium when I’m not working, haha. If you’re going and would like to meet up, message me!

At RCCC I’ll be sharing a table with the wonderful Adrien Lee who does White Noise!

I will have Ignition Zero books at both Olympia and RCCC. It is POSSIBLE that I will have Numinous Tarot decks at RCCC based on my plans but it’s not for certain. I will definitely have prints, and I’m thinking of putting together a smaller zine/short comic or two as well!

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