2017 December Rewards Rolled-Out!
Wow, what a year. I think 2017 will forever be a big artistic turning point for me. I met so many great people who supported me and my artistic endeavors. Because of them, I drew more than I did in any year. And a veeeeryy big thanks to my patrons, who gave me the most motivation of all. Hope to see your support in 2018 too <3

Alright, I decided to change up the ways of distributing the rewards a tad bit. I think this was is easier for not only me, but for you patrons too. Near the start of each month you should get a private message in your Patreon inbox leading you to the month's patron rewards! You can easily preview which files to download, and I don't have to make 4 different posts haha~

I decided to do more than I usually would with a month- and ended up with 2 finished drawings :D The maximum you can get for this package will be:

  • 4 HD drawings PNG (Nuko, Anonymous, Mordred, December's Raffle)

  • 2 labelled PSD files (Nuko, Mordred)

  • 2 BONUS drawings (Phosphophyllite, Bday OC)

  • 1 exclusive WIP 

Hope you like your rewards! I've recently reached a small goal and will be adding step-by-step picture progress as a $3+ tier reward, so look forward to that~

Until next time, and Happy New Year!