2017 Goal Progress Update - 1/27/17
 Reminder about this year's goals:
  1. Execute Gig Economy Autism website, AutismHR.com, as it is intended 
  2. Revamp "Light of Mourning" Music Album
  3. Capture "Music Legacy Project" film/audio footage
  4. Make Progress on Writing/Drawing "Boxville" fictional story
  5. Help Others (my contacts) reach their success

I feel like we're truly into the year now. The newness of New Years has worn off and it's time for rubber to meet the road, or in my case it's more like time for pen to hit paper...

Here's the progress I have to share to date...

The blog post  I wrote recently has been getting some traction providing further exposure for the site.

I've increased the email list for the AutismHR site significantly, which is progress (from 4 to 12 people), though we have a long way to go. 

At this stage, I feel like the site is truly being introduced in the market to the right audience, and thus, people are getting to know it first before adopting it and using it.  

Attached is a visual of how these things often go with new sites...exposure starts small and the site is Introduced to the target audience, over time some from that target audience with Adopt use of the site, then some will become Avid Users of the site and the pinnacle are those who become Site Advocates, and certainly there will be some level of Attrition over time (that's just natural).

In reaching out to influencers in the Autism community, I was successful in setting up a meeting with an autistic adult who is also an entrepreneur. I'm looking forward to that meeting, and learning more from her.

Light of Mourning Music Album Revamp:
I had the first track of the album professionally mastered the other day. While I do most of my own recording at my home studio, I've realized that I need to leave the mastering to the experts.

Because there is an expense to this process is why I encourage you to become a Patron on this page (do not feel obligated, but if you are inspired by and/or believe in some of the projects I'm working on, please consider it).

This album's story is one of personal anguish and triumph for me and my family, which is why I think it deserves to be revamped and it's sound given the attention to co-exist with other albums of a commercial sound quality.

The "Light of Mourning" album represents the transformation of my family's life and dynamic when my wife and I went from the two of us to having our first child, who was later diagnosed with autism. 

The adjustment to being a parent was tough enough, but on top of that my wife suffered from severe post-pardum depression and later we received the autism diagnosis, so what was supposed to be the beautiful beginning of our new family was bittersweet at best. 

Though, with better understanding of each member of our new family and a determination to unconditionally love one another and persevere we came to  more stable footing -- that's more stable, but to this day, still not solid. It's a journey for sure with ups and downs. 

Now, we have a second son, who is doing well and our family experience is not quite like most, but our bonds are unbreakable, which makes us closer than ever to each other, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

The "Light of Mourning" album chronicles those ups and downs of emotion. Though, I had to very quickly perform, track and mix the album because due to my family and life obligations the 12 hours I spent on recording the album project was all I had available at the time (in April 2014).

Again, this album has a lot to say and can be an inspiration or source of comradery amongst others who have had similar experiences, which is why I think the songs that tell this story deserve to be more fleshed out and mastered properly.

That's it for now.

Thanks for following along!