2017 January Gear Giveaway
Hey all,

Starting up a monthly gear give-away for my patrons!

Thought this was be a nice way to help grow the community here at patreon, as well as get some of you some cool gear (hopefully all of it will be cool!) as well as clean out my gear boxes a bit!

It would be great if all of you were to share this post with your fellow hikers on facebook, twitter, and such - spread the word, grow the community, all that good stuff.

List of qualifications to win are listed at the bottom of this post.

January 2017 Gear:

The following pieces of gear will be in the January giveaway:

1) A Suluk46 Prototype Trowel. I was sent two of them, prototypes for T&E, I am keeping one and giving away the other, per the wishes of suluk46, so thank them for this months gear by following them on facebook and instagram

2) A previous generation Suluk46 trowel. It is my original suluk46 trowel and one of the very first ones they made, and the one I have been using the last few years, still in excellent condition. Giving it up as I like the new version that is coming out later this year, probably via a kickstarter, and I do not need two trowels.

3) An esbit stove made by Suluk46 as a sort of one-off alpha design. It was sent to me for testing, I have tested it, and it is not something I plan to keep and suluk46 has given permission to give it away. This is a product that suluk46 does not currently plan to bring to market, so a very very exclusive access product for you suluk46 lovers!

To Qualify:

In order to qualify you need to be a patron of mine, at a miniumum of $1.00 for at least one month before winning (so those who signed up in december 2016 can win in january 2017, those who sign up in january 2017 can win in february 2017 - this is due to patreon method of reporting new patrons.)

For each dollar above the $1.00 mark your name will go into the list an additional time - so, support at three bucks, your name goes in three times. I will use a random generator to pick the name from the list.

The winner of each product must pay for shipping.

 For shipping purposes, the winner must have a USA shipping address. 

If the winner does not want a given piece of gear, they can decline and a second person will be picked.

The same person cannot win multiple pieces of gear in the same month.

The same person cannot win a high dollar item (going to define that has a product with a msrp of $50+) two months in a row.

Qualification rules are subject to change.