2017 June 1st "Gold Rush" Translations

Finished proofreading the first and second map. Also have all of the data for Aix, Helene, and Konoha's new attack speed.

I'll be updating the above file after 0:00 every day, so please check it to avoid falling prey to any inconvenient gimmicks, though these last two maps only reveal the gimmick when I visit the map, making it so I had to visit them twice to get 3-stars (thankfully I got the completion rewards on the 2nd trip for both maps). As of right now, there's no map spoiler data, but if there is, I'll post a comment below this entry.

■■■■■6th Legend Ticket ■■■■■ 

I have all of the bishops in the game... Wish I summoned Mama Jerome instead. Also spent all of my SP crystals, and got 10 silver and 2 gold units that I immediately converted to rainbow crystals.

I could purchase another Legend Ticket, but I think I'll wait until the end of this month so there's less of a chance I'll summon a redundant plat unit. Despite getting 7 new plat units, I don't think I factored in any of them aside from Vivian as units I wanted from the Legend Tickets the last time I did the math (forget if Konoha was around then), so I still have close to a ~60% chance of getting a new unit I would want if the 20% black unit spoiler data was true (it was coupled with the bond fairy cost reduction chances).


By the looks of it, Necromancer 2AW is going to probably make it so Metus can choose a class that would allow her to use her Lich Helpers, and Memento and Agnes will be stuck with a class that has skeleton lancers (?) that will get back up like Racua or Wendy. 

While that sounds like it could be useful for the Orichalcum Golem, that depends on the time it takes for them to get back up. If it's too slow, then that would make the 2AW Necromancer class inconvenient, since it would then mean you would have to manually retreat the skeleton lancer before deploying another one. I think this would be really inconvenient for difficult opponents that attack/move quickly (you can't deploy a fresh token on the same spot to catch/distract them immediately). I hope the staff is aware of this, and make it so you can deploy a token on top of another to replace it.