2017 L.A. Podfest Podsmash Show
Coming off the high of my 40YOB show that afternoon (Have I mentioned the full audio is available for $5.00 monthly Patrons? I did? I see. Well, now I've mentioned it again), I was sitting in the audience watching the closing night standup show when my great friend Graham Elwood asked if I wanted to do a set. 

Now, I don't do a lot of short sets anymore, and I certainly didn't have one locked, loaded and ready to go that night; that said, I'm a comic, and while in comedy there aren't a ton of rules, there are a few that are very important. One applied here...

If someone offers stage time you say yes, then figure it out. 

Booker: "Can you do an hour?" 

Comedian: "Absolutely!" 

Booker: "Great, see you tonight." 

(Booker hangs up, comic vomits, then figures it out) 

I watched hitter after hitter go up and destroy - Kilgariff, Maron, Gilmartin, Kashian - and I sat there some and I got up and paced some, and in between watching a (My Favorite) Murderer's Row of the best people in my industry crush it and the start of this video, I fucking figured it out.