2017 Logo - UnVeiling
I've always felt that I need to be more professional with my 'Marketing' through YouTube, Twitter, and so forth. One big way to increase my professionalism is to have a memorible logo to slap on everything that I do. One that people can recognize as 'mine'.

But what could my logo be..? It should express soemthing about me, right?

Well here we have a Skull, Wearing Headphones, with a Lovely Tri-Colored heart in the center. But what does have to do with me?

- I've always loved skulls in art, so it seemed fitting. 

- I love music to no end, so headphones seemed appropriate.

- The 3 colors represent something personal. 

..And that's, that! My new logo shall be used for many things. Hope you all like it!

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