2017 - Making General Notes Public!
Hey guys, Suha here! I'm starting to get my posts all drafted so I know that you guys will always have content out and we won't have anymore of those empty months. I also find it really helpful for me when I actually noted down things for you guys - if not, it's usually just get lost up in my head and looking back, I won't have a good break down of what I've done so hopefully this pulls through.   

Throughout the whole of January, I'll be drafting up whatever I can whenever I can before I start scheduling up posts on Patreon itself - my main concern if I can't cook up content before Feb comes but I'm going to challenge myself on that.  Also, I'm going to make all of my general notes available regardless of whether someone is my Patron or not. But my Patrons will get physically what I've been working on, like prints, books or any products + a hand written letter every month.  It's more like a trade for my products so you guys really get something equivalent for your money.

2016 has been a roller-coaster ride but it's all thanks to the kind of support I get from you guys at the convention or Patreon, that propelled me to a second year of working on my photos! Here's to another rollaer-coaster year!!