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I polished this piece for a finished illustration reward for the second set of May, based on the results of the poll :) I will return to drawing separate pieces for next month's reward I think

ok EVERYTHING ON THIS PICTURE are things i enjoyed painting so I'm a little sad that I didnt have the time to just paint the shit out of this for even more polish, but whatever I had time for I enjoyed a LOT and I'm glad I drew this before whatever fire I had for the series might eventually fade over time. I had a clear vision to enact but in trying to preserve it, some things don't make sense (like the water being still as a mirror and not reflecting some things) and the clutter that's already on the ground made it hard for me to draw little broken robot parts to show the world more. I think something like this is leaves better initial impression than trying really hard to make everything make sense in the end, whether it's a good or bad thing I don't think anyone can say.



Hi-res-jpg, layered PSD files, steps, and full video of this piece will be available for for $5/10+ patrons of May 2017! rewards will be sent out on June 10 after pledges go through :D

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