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2017 Motorcycle Show - Vancouver, BC Canada | Irnieracing
Vancouver Motorcycle Show, January 20-22, 2017 at the Tradex in Abbotsford, is the only BC stop on the seven-city national manufacturer tour, where we check out hundreds of new 2017 motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and side-by-sides.  Featuring Jordan Szoke demonstrating the disciplined sport of Observed Trials. 

Marcel Irnie (Pro Superbike Racer / Rider Trainer) films a documentary of his visit to the 2017 Vancouver Motorcycle Show. Marcel brings Marianne of MBracing along to keep us all entertained!  Give MB a follow at

Marcel Irnie teaches Rider Training 1on1 with Schuberth helmets featuring SRC bluetooth communication on-track.  This is the most effective way to fast-forward a students learning curve, (for all skill levers) using the correct riding techniques, all while keeping the student as safe as possible on-track with professional guidance.  

Marcel has developed on-track verbal communication through his Youtube videos, giving him the unique ability to talk calmly with advanced rider training techniques, combined with exact throttle and brake application in real time.  

Off-track Marcel goes over theory and details the strengths and weaknesses of each particular student.  This is a custom program tailored to every students needs from a new novice (first time on track) to expert club racers. 

Marcel's students also take home the Schuberth helmet camera footage from their own perspective and Marcel's helmet camera footage including the recorded on-track voice instruction for further review.  Check out a students testimonial video below to get a better idea how Irnie teaches students to go faster/safer. 

Adam Testimonial:
Evan Testimonial:
David Testimonial:

Irnieracing Rider Training Youtube Public Playlist:

2017 Irnieracing Rider Training California Spring Tour:

March 25, 26 Thunderhill East with Keigwins
March 27 - Thunderhill Full Track with Keigwins
April 3 - Sonoma with Keigwins - BOOKED
April 9, 10 - Thunderhill East with PTT
April 10, 11 - Laguna Seca with Keigwins
April 15, 16 - Chuckwalla with SoCal (Int./Adv. only)
April 22, 23 - Thunderhill West with Keigwins
April 28, 29 - Laguna Seca with Keigwins
May 5 - Chuckwalla with Trackdaz
May 6, 7 - CVMA Rd.7 Racing at Chuckwalla!
May 13 - Thunderhill West with PTT
May 13, 14 - Spring Mountain with TrackXperience
May 13, 14 - Chuckwalla with SoCal (Int./Adv. only)
May 15 - Sonoma with Keigwins
May 19 - Chuckwalla with 2WTD
May 20, 21 - Chuckwalla with TrackDayz
May 22, 23 - Thunderhill East with Keigwins
May 22 - Ridge with OPRT
May 26 - Ridge with 2Fast
May 27, 28, 29 - WMRRA Rd.3 Racing at The Ridge!
June 3, 4 - Oregon Raceway Park with 2Fast
June 3 - Pacific with OPRT
June 5 - Ridge with 2Fast
June 10, 11 - Ridge with OPRT
June 12 - Ridge with Motovixens

To inquire about June, July, and August - Rider Training at the Ridge, Pacific Raceway, Mission Raceway, Oregon Raceway Park and Portland Int. Raceway, please email or call to go over the available trackdays schedule.

"Away Training" is also available World Wide. Irnie fly's in, and you supply the bikes. Get your friends together and make it happen!

Marcel Irnie
[email protected] 

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Team Irnieracing WBM is seeking sponsors to join our 2017 race effort.

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