2017 Nerve gas ugly beginning!

Exposure of children to hidden or unexploded ordnance:

About 1970, twenty-six years after WWII a young boy only 11 years old found a small projectile with the swastika mark on it. While searching for more, the young-boy discovered an underground ammunition deposit, all Nazi ordnance. Later such arsenal was taken over by military, the authority at the time. 

While nothing of disaster transpired as a result of the discovery, it is to note the exposure of children to finding hidden or unexploded ordnance -- an after-effect and factual incidence, even twenty-six years following WWII. The boys’ remark [now a senior], “I was then searching and digging just like an archeologist to now-reason that luck was also a factor prevented a tragedy. May be I stopped because it wasn’t the treasury I was looking for, have no idea why I reported the discovery”.

Regardless of who did what, the 2017 nerve gas event in Syria should remind us of best alternatives and prevention to securing against such tragedies. Since the global tension is erupting forms of patriotism to obscure interests and perhaps the wrong believe, vouching for impartiality while investigating it is a solution and “a factor to prevent more tragedy”. 

Standard procedures expected (for now a classical path):

1. Technical expertise (is that impartial?)

2. The henchman to follow technical expertise and nurture more likely a political interest

3. “we the people” to observe justice failure and the widening of the subverted 

* In between poring news, none of which eliminates confusion vs what is “the next factor”.

* “impartiality a dying word vs a word that needs interpretation”


 (unconfirmed-prediction but unfortunately it will be more up-coming)

UN maturity should listen to this too: To be or not to be sarin nerve gas -- do not take sides before you know what it is: the source; how was it triggered/released; location; interests more likely not a kid; when you do not know it is better than to know wrong or to lie! This is not your pedophile statement.

Clearly, one would aim at an origin from Iraq but that is just an assumption – one could be wrong. Based on prior experience, even kids can find weapons left behind from wars -- kids play and cause damages. The density of left-behind weapons or unexploded ordnance is greater in middle-east than any other continent. Some ordnance is even hidden for reuse and later to be discoverrd by a kid. 

While talking about kids, most can hold an automatic rifle at a very early stage, even before they learn reading. They also understand how the projectile trigger works. Kids may not be good at understanding from what direction the wind is blowing before releasing chemicals or if wind is a factor – depending on age some will reason more.

Logic for postulation only: nerve gas with only 70-100 dead must have been old gas did not really release the power of a current weapon.  

So, news-men, be careful what you write and check your sources – must wait for lab confirmation! Stop finger-pointing. 

Also, not yet (TBD), do we know where the point of release was; do you know there was an explosion or just a release from a barrel/container w/o explosion. 

One may even think of a connection with Iranian academic Dr Ahmadreza Djalali or just coincidence – the secret service should have had some intel (but may be too busy with political intent not even listening to the Rome-Pope).


However, may be is not too late to sign this petition to understand who can intervene in such cases:



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