I think every author and his wife ... if he has one ;) has been making and publishing plans. Of course, they all copied me ...

Here is mine. 

I have been looking at my schedule, with a little help of course, and working out what is what. 

I swear it's been such a hectic few months. I have set a date for calm and peace. 9th of January … that is back to work full time for me. I am writing daily now, but only small word counts. From Jan, I will be kicking arse/

I am almost done with Exile, now this is a big bastard, coming in at 120k words. I have the final chapters to do and the editor is about halfway through it now. We have Christmas in the middle, so obviously, edits will pause for a couple of weeks. But they should be right on track soon enough. 

I was also going to put Seraph out at the end of January, but I realise a certain Bat (Lucian Bane) has a book releasing then. I don't want to clash, so Seraph will be released February 7th. 

Because Exile is so big, I am letting that be in edits a while and should be releasing it 7th March. 

For April, the collaboration with Lucian should be winging its way to you for a second dose of Rosie and William. We are aiming for the first week of April. 

Between this, I have patreon, where I intend to spend a lot of time. It is so hard with Facebook as they restrict who sees posts, unless we pay and even then, you must pay so much to reach so many. I’ll copy most things to Facebook, so don’t worry, you won’t miss out. 

For the book, I am writing with fans, I will post a new chapter every Friday. I am not sure how long this will be, but when it is done, those who helped me, will be named and we will publish. 

I feel I may have time between Seraph and Exile, so for then, I will be working on other novellas. With everything that has been happening, I got so behind on those. I thank you all for your patience. 

As with my patreon supporters. Those with the $10 a month will receive their arcs. You all need to make sure to accept my email to your kindle. 

Lastly, and probably most importantly … 3 days until Christmas!!!