We're working hard on Lazarus, the Forever Man #0, which has been expanded to include a 68-page new story, along with 24 pages reprinting the first two Lazarus stories. It's a 92-page comic, one of the most ambitious things we've done so far.

Unfortunately, this expansion means that it'll take a bit longer to complete than we intended.

Once that's done, artist Sergio Tarquini will be focused on his portion of Martian Comics #9-12. The second stories in those issues, by Mansyur Daman, are already complete. And we are hoping to have a surprise for you about additional content in issue #12.

Along the way, we'll also publish Kimot Ren #2, which is a big 36 pages and will continue the story of our android lost in the Wild West.

All of this constitutes what remains of what we're now calling "Phase 1." At the end of this, we'll be able to collect Martian Comics #1-12 in two volumes, one for the first six chapters of "The Girl from Mars" and the other for our various other Martian stories. (Of course, our Patrons will get the digital collections along with the standard issues.)

Later in 2017, we'll begin Phase 2, set to last about a year. It'll expand our universe considerably. Scripts are being written for it, and some art is already coming in. We'll tell you about it once we get a bit closer.

Thank you for supporting these comics! Making them is a dream come true, and you really help make this possible!

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