The 2017 Sippy Awards!
Hi all! With January over, I can celebrate the close of the Third Annual Sippy Awards. I started the Sippys as a way to celebrate my favorite SFF short stories in ways that I wasn't really seeing within the genre. Basically, we have awards for "best" stories, but not really for stories that excel in different ways (with the exception of horror, but that tends to include all horror and not specifically speculative horror). So...the Sippys! There are five categories total and this post will round them all up with links to the larger posts. 

In addition, because I can't just celebrate one story for each category, I decided to include two levels of honors. The Regular Sippys are essentially the finalists in each category, and are amazing, exquisite reads in their own rights. The Big Sip Awards are then the overall best-in-shows in my opinion, those stories that really captured what I love about the categories and about short SFF. So with that all in mind, here are the 2017 winners!

#1:  The “I’d Ship That” Sippy Awards for Excellent Relationships is Short SFF 

- Regular Sippys:

"Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics," Jess Barber and Sara Saab(Clarkesworld) (Novelette)

A Portrait of the Desert in Personages of Power, Rose Lemberg (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) (Novella)

“Avi Cantor Has Six Months To Live," Sacha Lamb (Book Smugglers) (Novelette) 

“Fandom for Robots," Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Uncanny) (Short Story) 

- The Big Sip:

“Cracks," Xen (Fiyah) (Novelette)

#2: The “I’m Sleeping with the Lights On” Sippy Awards for Excellent Horror in Short SFF 

- Regular Sippys:

"Can Anything Good Come," Suyi Davies Okungbowa (The Dark) (Short Story) 

"Mag, the Habitat and We," Lia Swope Mitchell (Apex) (Short Story) 

"A Human Stain," Kelly Robson (Tor) (Novelette) 

"If We Survive the Night," Carlie St. George (The Dark) (Short Story) 

- The Big Sip:

"You Will Always Have Family: A Triptych," Kathleen Kayembe (Nightmare) (Novelette) 

#3: The “There’s Something in My Eye” Sippy Awards for Excellent Making Me Ugly-Cry in Short SFF 

- Regular Sippys:

"Making Us Monsters" by Sam J. Miller & Lara Elena Donnelly (Uncanny) (Novelette) 

“The Last Spell of the Raven," Morris Tanafon (Glittership) (Short Story) 

“If a Bird Can Be a Ghost," Allison Mills (Apex) (Short Story) 

"The Summer Mask" by Karin Lowachee (Nightmare) (Short Story) 

- The Big Sip:

“Carnival Nine," Caroline M. Yoachim (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) (Short Story) 

#4: The “Time to Run Some Red Lights” Sippy Awards for Excellent Action! in Short SFF 

- Regular Sippys:

"Chesirah," L.D. Lewis (Fiyah) (Novelette)

"Later, Let's Tear Up the Inner Sanctum," A. Merc Rustad (Lightspeed) (Novelette) 

"Queen of Dirt," Nisi Shawl (Apex) (Short Story) 

"Hungry Demigods" by Andrea Tang (GigaNotoSaurus) (Novelette) 

- The Big Sip:

“Requiem for the Unchained," Cae Hawksmoor (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) (Short Story)

#5: The “Where We’re Going We Won’t Need Categories” Sippy Awards for Excellent I Don’t Know What in Short SFF 

- Regular Sippys:

“Utopia, LOL?," Jamie Wahls (Strange Horizons) (Short Story) 

“On The Other Side of the Sea," Nerine Dorman (Omenana) (Short Story) 

"An Unexpected Boon" by S.B. Divya (Apex) (Short Story) 

And Then There Were (N-One), Sarah Pinsker (Uncanny) (Novella) 

- The Big Sip:

“Owl vs. The Neighborhood Watch," Darcie Little Badger (Strange Horizons) (Short Story)

So many thanks to all the writers, editors, publishers, first readers, fans, and people involved in making short SFF such a wonderful field. Here's hoping that 2018 is even better! Cheers!

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