2017 was awesome thanks to you!


Thanks for the continuous support throughout the year, and for contributing to the Cuckoo channel not only through Patreon, but with your continuous spirit making my channel a really nice place to hang out!

The Internet is a fierce place, with a lot of unaccounted for hatred, especially in social media, but I'm feeling so grateful that together we're keeping this channel such a positive place, and with only the intention of helping and elevating each other to new heights.

Sometimes I'm reading comments on my videos, where people reach out for help, and before I know it, someone else reaches out and gives some insightful pointers and helpful ideas – and this is really the dream community at its very best. When people get together around a common interest, and can't help but reaching out a helpful hand when seeing someone in need.

This is a goodness that the world needs.

I'll try to focus during the last days of the year, and see if I can come up with one or two more videos/ content. And then start out with fresh new ideas in 2018!

Last January, I went ahead with something I called Jamuary. It was met with an overwhelming amount of jams and enthusiasm, and I feel like we should do it again.

Anyone up for #Jamuary2018?

One short jam/ snippet a day. The point being to lower the threshold of what is considered a finished piece, and instead go ahead an post just a groove, just a sketch, just a jam, an experiment… It doesn't have to be a finished piece from start to finish, but just post something, to share a piece of your mind that day.

And if you're not up for posting every day, don't worry. Post a few when it suits you. (I've got a busy January coming up, so I'm not sure I can make it every day.)

Jamuary was particularly popular on Instagram. Much because of its easy to overcome 1-minute limit, and also because its a video flickering nature that is easy and rewarding to browse. Also introduced just weeks ago, you can now follow a hashtag on Instagram. So it'll be much easier to catch everything labelled with #Jamuary2018 than ever before.

I found it particularly inspiring to browse through the snippets, and get continuous injections of fresh styles that would have otherwise impossible to collect. I'm not that interested in stuff being played on mass media, radio and promoted super stars.. I find this electronic community stuff sooo much more inspiring!

Anyhow. Enjoy the remaining days of 2017, and collect an overdose of confidence and enthusiasm to make 2018 an ever cooler year.

Peace everyone!

Seee you soooon!


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