2017 WEEK 3 - Meals With Margo Weekly Meal Plan
Hey Patrons!

Happy Saturday - I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope this post hasn't gotten buried in your e-mail by all of the "Black Friday Special" emails.  

You can simply download the attached .pdf here.

Again - Thank you so much for supporting me and believing in me right out of the gate.    

Now go make some tasty foods!

- Margo

Meals With Margo released this post 2 days early for patrons.   Become a patron
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per Weekly Menu
Pledge $0.01 or more per Weekly Menu
Patrons Only
Enthusiastic Gratitude
$1 or more per Weekly Menu 5 patrons

  • You will get early access to the Weekly Meal-Plan! Woo! You get the opportunity to shop and prep at your leisure over the weekend!
  • The Weekly Meal Plan includes:
  • A Printable Weekly Meal Plan (Stick it to your fridge so you don't always have to answer the question, 'WHAT'S FOR DINNER????)
  • Recipes for (5) Low Carb Dinners!
  • A comprehensive grocery list.  (This saves people, on average, 1-2 hours per week!)

  • You have my absolute thanks and gratitude for helping me buy my groceries and following this dream! 
  • PERK: I wave enthusiastically in your general direction and dazzle you with a sparkling smile!
Let's do lunch!
$3 or more per Weekly Menu 0 patrons
  • All Tier 1 perks 
  • You will also receive my Weekly Brunch Packet!
  • This packet includes:
  • A Breakfast & Lunch Meal list
  • Recipe for a Breakfast item,  Main Lunch Dish & often, a recipe for a Side Lunch Dish
  • A comprehensive shopping list for Brunch items
  • Each Brunch items is calculated to make 5 portions.  It assumes that 1 person will take a portion to work each day of the - typical 5-day - work week.  (Therefore you would simply multiple the quantity by the number of people eating the meal/taking it to work.)
  • PERK: You’ve successfully achieved ‘friend zone’ status!!! Huzzah - BFFs!  The bestest of the best, friendliest of friends.  We eat together together at the same lunch table.
$5 or more per Weekly Menu 3 patrons

  • All Tier 1 & 2 perks 
  • Huzzah!  Your name will now also be featured in the “SUPER AWESOME PEOPLE” section of each and every meal plan.  Because you're awesome.  And people shall KNOW YOUR NAME, darnit.

  • PERK: Achievement Unlocked: SUPER AWESOME PERSON!!!!!!!! The next time you go outside, the clouds will part and the radiance of the sun will focus solely on your gloriously awesome face.  Cause I said so. 
Provider of Snacks
$10 or more per Weekly Menu 0 patrons

  •  All Tier 1 & 2 perks 
  • You are now helping to provide for my kids snacks - which makes me SUPER happy because they eat an unbelievable amount!
  • SUCCESSS!!!!  Your generosity has a direct correlation to my sassyness.  Consider yourself sassed.

  • PERK: I will be think happy thoughts in your general direction at random intervals throughout my comings and goings, and as I shamelessly throw snacks at my children.  I may even skip a wee-bit when I think about how much of a friend you are!
Secret Besties
$15 or more per Weekly Menu 0 patrons
  • All Tier 1, 2, 3 perks
  • Huzzah!  I can now hire a baby-sitter to watch my kiddos while I prep!  It will make me more efficient - which comes back to you in the long run!
  • In my sheer girlish happiness I jump up and down a whole bunch wile 'squeeeeing!'  You better believe I'm chalking that up as my cardio workout for the day - so BAM!  Thanks for that!

  • PERK: We’ve upgraded our friendship to the level where you make a super-sweet-wicked-awesome handshake thing at each other.  It’s epic.  Everyone else is jealous. They wish they were as cool as us.  But they aren’t.

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