*Zombie Noises*
WhiteMantis here, and I'm back from the grave!

As you know, some months ago I had to travel to my old city, Fortaleza, to have medical tests performed on me in order to undergo a surgical procedure. I had it on May 3rd, and thankfully it was a success. I stayed in Fortaleza for about 2 and a half months recovering from the surgery, and I can say my quality of life improved a lot after it, and I'm very happy now!

I'm finally back to São Paulo, the city where I live, and we're ready to get back to action!

Marco and I are going to start by sending the forms and working on overdue sketch rewards, then we're going to proceed into working on the comic itself, but there's a catch:

For the past three years of comic, we've been living with deadlines hot on our heels. We'd finish a page the day it had to be posted, and that would lead to a lot of stress and pressure. Sometimes we couldn't even afford to get sick and take a day off due to deadlines.

So now, we're going to take some time to actually build a buffer of pages before we start posting again. We'll be working and showing progress, but you won't see new pages for some weeks, while we build our buffer. Rewards will be posted normally!

I know it sucks to wait even more for it, but it the long term, it will make things much easier.

Thanks for understanding and staying with us! <3