SO! The above knife was for my father-in-law-to-be. It was the last knife I finished last year and is the beginning of a whole lot more. Current projects include a friction folder and a new designed 8" Western chef which i'm totally in love with!

In the coming 6 weeks I will be building a 2x48" belt grinder - there will be a video for this one - Patreon viewers will get a sneak peak of course, and this will allow me to speed up my workflow and give me a lot more control! I did think about going the whole hog for a 2x72" - the cost isn't all that much more, but I decided on a 2x48" for its compactness. 

This year will also see me attempt to forge a few knives. These will have the designation of "F" on the end of the serial number (I put a serial number on all my knives at the moment: 182XXXF would be a forged knife, 182XXX would be stock removal). The more this takes off, the more time my gorgeous partner will allow me to spend doing this ;)

2018 will include a couple of patreon only giveaways - I can't commit to exactly how may at this stage, at least two or three I think. My intention is to make 12 knives this year (1 per month give or take!). I'd love to make a whole lot more, but with a day job as a lab technician on shiftwork and home life responsibilities AND attempting to also work as a part time photographer, time is limited!)