2018 and onwards
Now that we've got a whole bunch of basic 12x12 rooms and passages to use...

...as well as all of the larger room segments...

...I think it's fair to say that we've got enough of these generic/empty geomorphs for now :)

So, this year I plan on creating larger tiles with a less uniform look (more like the maps from 2011 - but drawn in the 2017 style) to add a bit more variety to the dungeon.

Obviously, these maps can be influenced by the good folks pledging at the 'dungeon designer' level (or higher) - and, as usual, the number (and/or size) of these maps will be dependant on how much support the campaign generates (though the goals themselves are still very much front loaded, and still represent the minimum number of maps I'll attempt each month).

However, because these maps will often contain more details than the generic/empty ones, they will take a little longer to draw - so I've had to change the goals around a little to allow for this (sorry for that).

So, all that's left to say is thank you very much for your support throughout 2017 (it really does mean a lot) ...and here's looking forward to another year of map-making!