2018 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato (Exclusive)

[Status: COMPLETE] 

One of the best looking Aston Martin's, no?
Enjoy this beast!

More screenshots on my Facebook page.

[General info] 

Model: Forza Horizon 4

Color 1: Body

Color 2: Interior and Stitching

Color 4: Rims

Color 5: Accessories (inside and outside)

Color 6: Calipers

(1,64MB) zagato.yft

(10,3MB) zagato.ytd

(6,96MB) zagato_hi.yft 

LOD0 247.643 polygons / 205.429 vertices

LOD1 30.620 polygons / 31.015 vertices

LOD2 13.367 polygons / 15.044 vertices

LOD3 3,667 polygons / 4.598 vertices

LOD4 1.053 polygons / 1.556 vertices


LODs (5)

HQ Exterior

HQ Interior

HQ Enginebay, boot and doorsills

Real life light setup

Dirt mapping

Livery support (template included, including windows)

Breakable glass (including front and rear lights)







Add-on spawn: zagato

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