Hey guys! There's just a handful of you folks, but I do wanna make this message public for anyone to come across my patreon and taking interest:

I have been pretty slow with focusing on my Patreon, school has kicked my ass and really I just haven't had too many ideas on how to stay up to date with it. So much of what I draw sometimes doesn't feel appropriate enough or worthy to share on here or on my general Tumblr account. I greatly appreciate you guys for supporting me none the less and enjoying the sketch requests.

That said, I do feel maybe I should change things up a bit, really consider and figure out what it is I want to put out, and maybe fix up the reward tiers. I currently am in the process of reconsidering the prices on my commissions? I want to offer more options for the types of commissions that can be asked of me, but I don't want to severely start underselling my art in regards to if I was to make a "Bust Sketch" and making that go under $10

Truth is, I'm unemployed-okay, well, I'm self employed, which means I make money through commission work and Patreon. I know a sketch takes about ~10 minutes to complete, and I guess that means I've been doing my art loosely around 1 Minute = $1 ?

All this being said, at the turn of 2018, I'm thinking of adding more tiers and editing what rewards people can get on them.

One last thing to note: Thanks to you lovely patrons currently, I've been able to get myself the Adobe Creative Cloud! Being a student at college helps give me a discount, but I have access to more programs through CC, like the latest Photoshop, Illustrator, and a new favorite: Animate CC! I'm playing around with that one, and it's a lot of fun. I really believe I'm gonna try giving animation another shot, but maybe more for fun and games at this time. I dunno, I have so many ideas and dreams to do this and that, and you guys through Patreon simply help me access tools like these to help my creativity grow and allow me to experiment more with things I either once was ready to give up on or never thought I'd pursue.

You are amazing, all of you, and I appreciate every last one of you.

That being said: if you're a visitor to my Patreon page right now, you're more than welcome to jump on and get $5 Sketch Requests for the months November and December by becoming a $5 Tier Patron before I make changes to the reward tiers!