2018 December Patreon Drive
Thanks to all my fans for your support. 2019 is right around the corner and I've got big plans that need your support! Become a fan and support the release of Hakker No 1 "The Malaysian Incident" scheduled to release in Summer 2019, Viking Lor - A Red Sonja like fantasy graphic novel I'm developing for the end of 2019, and a secret family fun weekly serial comic strip I'm releasing to Webtoons in early 2019.

In return for your support at the $10 Hacktivist Tier, I'm making the following special offers to Patreons that join on the following days:

Daily Offers & Prizes

Tue Dec 4th and Wed Dec 5th: Art Supply Bundle #1
Thurs Dec 6th: Jake Hakker on a Motorcycle print
Fri Dec 7th: Art Supply Bundle #2
Sat Dec 8th: Hakker Girl Christmas Cards

Mon Dec 10th: Art Supply Bundle #3
Tues Dec 11th: Art Supply Bundle #4
Wed Dec 12th: Hakker Girl Print
Thurs Dec 13th: Art Supply Bundle #5
Fri Dec 14th: Art Supply Bundle #6
Sat Dec 15th: Free Hakker No 1 - The Malaysian Incident when published

Weekly Offers & Prizes

Mon Dec 17th: Signed Single Page Teaser for Hakker No 1 The Malaysian Incident


Tues Dec 18th: Portrait or Fan Art Commission Gift Certificate ( A $500 value )