2018 FBS Returning Starters Spreadsheet
Do you ever notice that finding a good returning starters page is hard and then when you do it doesn't match with another page someone puts out.

So I put together one with NCAA data and I have been soliciting my Twitter followers to verify the numbers on their favorite team.  The rows in BLUE are verified teams.  I will update this with new information as I get it.

If you have an update put it in the comments below or email me. I need offense, defense, QB, P, K, KR return numbers.

I will also add this to the team schedule spreadsheet as well for members

*Last Update 1022pm PST 7-9-18m - Added P/K/KR starters that were seniors and should be done.  There may be a couple that have a 5th year.

Why QB P and K?  Well these are the only positions I have been able to see teams consistently step back with a starter loss.  The single position is that of QB.  The better your OC, the less impact.  The other is losing both the Punter and Kicker. Field position is very important and the importance of these two is all too often undervalued.  There are 12 teams that lost both. 4 FBS lost both PLUS their QB including South Florida.