2018 going forward..
so what do you guys want me to do... at the moment i'm up for anything.
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  • my many thanks for your causal awesome, giving a poor man a buck.
  • access to the page and quick color art posts.
  • access to the web comic.
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  • access to the comic.
  • access to the comic poll, which will allow patrons to vote on the concept and story options and characters i will provide.
  • a random lucky patreon will get a pinup jpeg at the end of every month.
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  • first crack at the comic, when  i finally get it going.
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  • also 2 pinups of your choice mailed to you at the end of each month.
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Seriously, if some one ever does this one, i would probably cry....
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  • either a free paper back copy of the end of the year volume. or 
  • 50% off the hardcover version of the end of the year volume book.
  • fanart, of any character you wish. printed either on a t-shirt or a glossy print and shipped to you. keep it to comics though. my real people art skills are lacking.
ha! no one would ever do this one.
$300 or more per month
  • free end of the year volume hardcover version.
  • your own thank you page in the book.
  • if you are in NYC i will take you out to dinner maybe a movie.. 
  • if you are willing to come to NYC i will be your personal guide to the city that never sleeps..
  • not to mention all of the above. printed and shipped to you.
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