So, as everyone probably knows, there are some likely changes coming to Patreon soon-- I'll be keeping this page for now and adjusting accordingly when the time comes since it's so small.

I'm currently looking into ko-fi or as a small sketch request vehicle/tip jar. 

On Gumroad this year, I'll be adding more sketch collections and comics. Look for the Inktober collection within the month and some original comics down the line, free or with donation.

My Etsy shop will be making a return! Leftover sticker and print stock from TCC will be going online for sale as soon as possible.

I'm also planning to start a good ol' fashioned monthly email newsletter on what I'm up to since I've seen a lot of talk about it and it serves sort of the same purpose as this page-- something personal, friendly, and free!

Additionally, I'm settling into my new job with Floyd County Productions and finding housing-- I'm feeling energized to make things happen, so once I've gotten more settled, here's to a productive new year!