2018 Proposed Upload Schedule
So how's it going my fellow Patrons and everybody else?

I plan to make 2018 one of my most active years to date. With expanding my content beyond just motovlogs this year, I plan to post a total of 4 vids a week. Still trying to figure out exactly what days I want to do but so far what I got in mind is the following:

Tuesday 12pm EST - Something Non Motovlog Related(could be a Vlog, BMX vid, Tutorial, Education style video, Reaction video, Gameplay/Gaming, Music, Etc.)

Thursday 12pm EST - Motovlog(preferably) or something like Tuesdays video(depends on amount of backlogged motovlog footage)

Saturday 12pm EST - Motovlog or something Moto Related

Sunday 12pm EST - Motovlog or something Moto Related

Nothing is really set in stone, this is the first time I've legitimately created and am going to try to stick to some kind of schedule, so some tweaks may need to be made based on fan feedback and ability for me to be able to deliver quality content. 

Also huge shout out to my first supporter on here Aaron, seriously thank you for the support dude!