2018 Review & 2019 Preview: Introduction

The yearly review is here, and I hope it's worth the wait! Over the next three days, I will be publishing the three parts of this review/preview for your viewing pleasure. Each post will have a short written bit, and an in-depth video...and I even got a tiny bit fancy with the editing  for the videos!  

I look forward to everything we're going to be doing together in the new year, so without further ado...


Happy New Year!

2019 looks promising and I am excited to see what it brings! In this post, I'll be doing my year review of 2018, a preview of what's coming this year, and looking back to the early days of System Andromeda.


10 Years and Counting...

December 2009 marked my first post on this blog. It was my official introduction to the world as System Andromeda, though, at the time, I called this blog Praxis & the Catharsis Impulse. So what is Praxis & the Catharsis Impulse?

  • Praxis - putting philosophy into action; in my case, it was putting into action the idea that I could have the life that I wanted without having to be a slave to traditional methods.
  • Catharsis - strong release of emotions; The Catharsis Impulse, therefore, is the need to experience this release. In other words, I wanted to share the highs and lows of this process.

It was a nod to the idea that I needed to take action on all the many projects and share my process. What started as a catchall for my favorite passions has become so much more, and I felt that should be celebrated. Happy Anniversary!

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