2018 & Upcoming Patreon Changes
Hey folks! Hope ya'll enjoyed your weekends and/or Holidays!

It's time for an update - with the results of this poll and now that Patreon's intended change got walked back it's time to make some decisions about the next few months. I'm going forward assuming that funding will remain about $200/month-ish which helps me cover 2 of my larger bills (aka I can do this work instead of commissions to make that amount.).

The pin-ups, QnA and mini comic all ended their intended run this month, they will be packaged into PDFs and be posted as available through various shopfront websites to those who couldn't or didn't wish to use Patreon. This does not exclude you, I will be making PDFs for here as well! I literally could not have made these things without your support!

The poll was to figure out a few things, I know people have become my supporter for different reasons - and that's ok! Though trying to find a balance between several of the more common reasons can be a challenge. What I think will work best, based on patron comments & the poll, is taking the first few months of 2018 to finish Moving Day at a rate of 2 pages per month till complete - this chapter is short and as of December 2017's update, halfway through already.

BUT! The problem is, if I'm devoting the "time paid for" (which is how I approach this patreon) - that means there isn't the allowance for other things, ie the tier rewards, since the funding from those would need to go wholly to the page creation. So it will... technically, negate the reward tiers for about 3-4 months. Those of you who place more consideration on reward tiers - I don't wish to put you out, but I'm unsure of any other way around it...? There would still be a $1 tier (websized finish copy) and #3 WIP tier, and $5 PSD tier. $10 & $20 would be sans reward for a short while, but every intention to come back in Spring 2018 (probably with a vengeance to make up for this too). Let me know what you think.

I'm looking at January to be Page 7 + $10/$20 Tier cover for the Donna/Eve special mini comic "One Night"

February Page 8 & 9

March Page 10 & 11

April Page 12 & personal project world building (therefore, re-in statement of the tier system, just modified for personal content)

Essentially, I'm wrapping up Cut Loose work then plan on the next thing this Patreon funds to be personal work including : OC pinups/illustrations & mini comics (all lewd, raunchy, sexy cute of course!). This is a shift considering the year's focus on Cut Loose - and I will probably still be doing Cut Loose pin-ups (what can I say, I love these gals!) but not the main focus. 

I understand that these choices may affect patrons feelings or generousness to my patreon - first, thank you so much for ever even considering, let alone patroning, my patreon. I've realized I've still had a low opinion of myself & work and being so supported makes me realize that people do want to engage, so I will do my utmost to keep that going. Going forward I'm going to come up with a few options for support, as I know Patreon isn't for everyone, and who knows how it as a platform may change going forward. I use Patreon to help fund time I cannot freely use to keep creating - specifically things I personally want to see through. I am lucky that many commissions I get have elements I enjoy, but I have a lot of ideas I wish to explore on my own. Having the drawing hand injury I do that's impacted my life for about a decade now, my pain-free work time with it is limited - hence using this patreon as "time paid for" aka work away from work but still earning bill coverage. I hope to grow its patron base in the future so therefore spend more time on personal projects. I'd love to do what people like Miupix or Viktria/Zummeng are doing with their Patreons. I want to continue a system of reward tiers because I understand many folks place their interest in patroning in scale to what is returned especially for it so its a system I will still work with when setting up for coming projects, with the idea that after an elapse of time, content funded by patrons becomes available to all in some way, shape or form. Anywho I feel like I'm getting rambly/boring but I want to remain and transparent & open with my mindset/approach/intentions with this Patreon & its use as possible. 

Thank you all once again, and may 2018 be a better year in all.