2018 Will Be The Year Humanity Directly 'Sees' Our First Black Hole
“No longer will we need to rely on simulations or artist’s conceptions; we’ll have our very first actual, data-based picture to work with. If it’s successful, it paves the way for even longer baseline studies; with an array of radio telescopes in space, we could extend our reach from a single black hole to many hundreds of them. If 2016 was the year of the gravitational wave and 2017 was the year of the neutron star merger, then 2018 is set up to be the year of the event horizon. For any fan of astrophysics, black holes, and General Relativity, we’re living in the golden age.”

Black holes have been dreamed up by theorists for centuries. Even in the aftermath of Newtonian gravity, a spectacular realization came about that if you gathered enough mass together into a small enough volume, the gravitational effects would be so pronounced that nothing, not even light, could escape. These black holes show up with very specific properties in General Relativity, and today in modern astrophysics, we know of three independent ways to make them. But despite observing their effects in many different wavelengths of light, such as the radio and X-ray, we’ve never imaged an event horizon directly. Although a telescope the size of Earth would be able to, that technology is out of reach. Owing to collaboration and human ingenuity, however, we’ve developed an array known as the Event Horizon Telescope that should reveal its first image next year!

Will we see the event horizon of a black hole for the first time? My bet is on yes. Come get the science as to why! 

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