2019-02-19: Figaro Info, Future Goals, Free T-Shirt...

I've been hard at work on Scenario #2, as well as a top-secret project that we'll refer to as codename "Otto" (more on that below), but I wanted to talk a bit about the future as well. Here goes!

1. Figaro Info (upcoming feature)

2. Future Goals (brand new game)

3. Free Stuff (how to get it, and why I'm doing it)

[ Figaro Info ]

Let's talk about the new "Augma" system. Certain characters in Figaro can augment their battle skills and passive abilities by carrying a "Field Manual" for a particular discipline. For example, "Field Manual: Minera" allows whoever holds it to extract ore and gems from certain areas. "Field Manual: Regis" makes it easier to acquire money.

When you have a Field Manual that someone on your team can use, you may assign it to that person by selecting "Augma" from the field menu screen. Doing so will grant a new ability that may be used in battle, a field effect/action, or both.

Scenario #2 takes place back when Edgar and Sabin were teens, and still had much to learn. Any student of the desert kingdom (especially a prince!) is expected to learn a wide variety of disciplines. There is no shame in forgetting some of these teachings, as long as you are willing to look it up in the relevant Field Manual.

--- [Lv.1] Audio Preview: Calida Mines 

--- [Lv.5] Character Preview: Pike + Decima 

[ Future Goals ]

Yes, you read that right. The timeline shows an all-new game. Not a fan-game, something 100% all-new, created by me. The official reveal is tentatively scheduled for next month, but in the meantime, let's talk about... timing.

I'm developing this all-new game while also making FF6 prequel content. That part is important. It's a great way to introduce new engine features and demonstrate them with familiar content before implementing them in the new game.

Thanks to your generous support, I've been able to make new content at a much faster pace than ever before. If we can continue to grow this community in the coming months, I will be able to release multiple FF6 scenarios and my all-new game... in less than one year!

I'm confident that if more people see what I'm making, and take a chance supporting this model of strictly not-for-profit game making... they will want to stay, and continue to pledge their support. Every $1 helps!

And, to show just how much I believe in this...

[ Free Shirts ]

Starting this month, I'm giving away free T-shirts to all patrons. Yes, even if you only pledge $1 to my projects, you can get in on this. I am confident that most people will want to continue their pledge and support the work I'm doing after that. Let's spread the word!

 - Your choice of design: SixEngine or William Kage
- Available in unisex sizes S through 3XL
- Top quality, super-comfy, super-soft

... so message me here on Patreon with your style/size preference, tell me where to send it, and I'll ship it out to you for free. That's all there is to it!

--- [Lv.1] Photos: Free T-Shirts for Patrons

[ Additional Freebies ]

For a limited time, I'm also offering bonus goodies for any successful referrals. If you know someone who enjoys new 16-bit / SNES content and can pledge to this not-for-profit model, send them my way to get your choice of one extra:

- Limited 2-CD Album: SixEngine Vol 1 (special physical release)
- SixEngine headphones (3.5mm plug, auto-winding cord)
- SixEngine earbuds (3.5mm plug, adjustable)
- Starbucks Gift Card (amount is $5.00)
- Amazon Gift Card
(amount is $5.00)

I know it's a little bit crazy, but I love doing stuff like this. I hope that you will help me spread the word and get to full-time development status. Right now, we're already more than half way there... so let's do this!

[ Stay Tuned ]

The next update is scheduled for March 2019. I look forward to sharing more details with you about the latest project. :)