2019 brings new benefits to our Patreon!

Happy New Year! We're excited you're with us as we venture into another exciting (???) year on this potentially doomed planet we call home.

Over our break we put our heads together to prepare some great new benefits exclusively for Patrons, because your support is critical in keeping the show running. The funds we raise allow us to devote time to the show that we would otherwise need for another side hustle. 

We only deserve your support if we give you a great show and great benefits here on Patreon, so with that in mind, we're excited to share several additions that are joining our existing line up:

New for $5+ Patrons: 

  • A Discord channel! Discord is a popular communication app, and the new #Millennial channel is a private group in which the hosts and your fellow listeners will be hanging out around the clock. It's like our beloved #Millennial Facebook group, minus major data breaches. If you're already a Patron, here's how to join our Discord channel.

New for $10 Patrons: 

  • BREAKING NEWS: Sometimes something major happens when we still have several days to go before recording our next episode. When big news breaks, we'll grab our mics and record a mini #Millennial with our reactions. These bite-sized recordings will only be available to Facebook Official patrons.
  • Face to Face: Once a month prior to recording a new episode of #Millennial you'll be invited to join us for a live Google Hangout! We can talk about whatever you want, and we'll bring our own topics of conversation -- it'll be like hanging at the bar, but virtual! It's one of our most personal benefits yet.
  • A Handwritten Letter: Each year we send out a new physical gift, and 2019's will be a handwritten letter from one of the three #Millennial hosts (and signed by all three of us). This'll be a very personal way of saying thank you for pledging so much.


  • Mega #Millennial: Ad-free #Millennial and After Dark are being merged into one file. Now you can easily listen to the main show and our bonus content back to back! And if there's any banter in between recording the main show and After Dark, you'll now get to hear that too. As always, you can add Hashing It Out and Mega #Millennial to your favorite podcasting app.
  • LANDY goes to one big show instead of two smaller ones: We were previously releasing two 15-20 minute installments of LANDY each month. We will now release one 30 - 45 minute installment per month. This'll be like a whole extra episode of #Millennial, but more intimate.
  • The "No Breaks" benefit is being removed. In the interest of full disclosure, we want to let you know that this benefit is being removed. As is well documented on the show, we need to take some damn breaks for mental health reasons. That said, we'll still be on the Discord channel during any future breaks because we're addicted to talking with y'all.

If you aren't a Patron, or you're at the $2 or $5 level and are considering an upgrade, you will be eligible for the additional benefits as soon as you pledge at the new level!

We hope you enjoy these new benefits, and as always, if you have any feedback, please hit us up in the comments below or via e-mail ([email protected]). THANK YOU!