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2019 Ford Mustang GT / Bullitt / RTR SPEC5 + 6 Rims


Enjoy this badass Mustang!


Added ROUSH bodykit (including bonnet, bumpers, side scoop, spoiler)
Added 2 ROUSH rim
Added ROUSH livery


Added Deberti widebody kit (including bonnet, bumpers, skirts, spoiler)
Added Forgiato rim
Changed front indicator OFF color


Added RTR SPEC 5 widebody kit (including bumpers, skirts, spoiler)
Added RTR SPEC 5 rim
Changed interior color from Paint 2 to Paint 6 


Updated some light textures
Added Shelby GT500 rear bumper (exhaust slot)
Added Shelby GT500 spoiler
Public release prep


Fixed headlight glass reflection
Fixed mustang logo position on front bumper (Forza messed that up)
Adjusted front indicator color
Added Super Snake spoiler
Added Super Snake skirt
Added RTR skirt
Added Roll cage


Fixed RTR DRL blue-ish color.
Added two more RTR DRL options: Paint 1 and Paint 2 as extra bodymods.


[General info

Model: Forza Horizon 4

Color 1: Body
Color 2: Interior, Calipers
Color 4: Optional Rims


  • LODs (5
  • HQ Exterior 
  • HQ Interior 
  • HQ Doorsills, Engine and Trunk
  • Real life light setup 
  • Dirt mapping
  • Full Digital Dials
  • Livery support (template included for body and windows) 
  • Breakable glass  

[Tuning / Rims]

  • BULLITT Spec
  • RTR Spec
  • Black Roof
  • Remove Spoiler
  • Lip Spoiler
  • RTR Spoiler
  • RTR Spoiler 2
  • Race Wing
  • Lip Spoiler 2
  • 20-Inch Mustang Polished Paintable Wheels
  • 20-Inch RTR Tech Mesh Wheels
  • 20-Inch SVT Wheels
  • 20-Inch ENKEI PF01 Wheels
  • 20-Inch Mustang 10 Spoke Wheels


Add-on spawn: mustang19


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