2019 Goals and Resolutions...

I posted this on Twitter back around the end of December. Since Twitter can be a little tricky to locate older posts, I thought I'd share this list here as well. Here's a few of the things I'd like to accomplish this year. 

Complete A Year and a Day Issues 3 and 4: This one's pretty self-explanatory. My goal is to have Issue 3 in print for Anthrocon this year. Once Issue 4 is complete I can begin putting together the first trade paperback!
The 'Year of Classic Lit' project: I thought it'd be fun to see how many classic novels I can read in a year. I started this year off with Moby-Dick and am currently about half-way through. It's pretty good so far!
Read 25,00 pages: I read nearly 21,000 pages last year. I'd like to see if I can make it to 25,000 this time. We'll see what happens. 
Tone arms: I need to clean up the exercise room so I can get back to my morning walking and weight routine. 
Work on lowering cholesterol: I don't want to be put on medication so... time to get used to eating oatmeal and whole grain foods.
Begin learning Spanish: A large number of folks here in Danbury speak predominately Spanish. Unfortunately I took German in school - and don't remember much of it at all since I've never used it. I'd like to start learning Spanish this year if I can.
Obtain a librarian job: ACHIEVED.
Pay off the remainder of my student loans: I've been chipping away at these since June 2003. While I enjoyed my time in college and am grateful that I was able to go, I'm ready to have that chapter of my life closed.

What are your goals for this year?