2019: Second Star to the Right

Here's Part 3 of my Yearly Review/Preview series!

This year is going to go fast. Know how I can tell? Because it always does. I know. Not terribly profound. But sooner than we know, I'll be doing another year's review on here. So what will it be about? Well, it's always open to change, but here are my main foci as I see it right now:

  • Photography - I have so many projects in mind for this year, I'm practically vibrating in anticipation. Just a few hints:
    • Spherical photography
    • Ransomed Roads series, including a new "local" feature and extended travel stories
    • Kaleidoscopic art
  • Writing - There'll be plenty of new series to play with as I get back to my blogs this year, and I'm hoping to start a new facet of my writing career. Some goals:
    • Proofreading assignments - this is the next natural progression of my writing-for-hire path. Wish me luck!
    • Ransomed Roads - I have a new "local" series called "Compass Culture" coming soon, as well as more of series like "Vegas, Baby" and "Summer of Color".
    • The Lost Title Cards - I'm starting the year off with an M. Night Shyamalan series, and will be going from there.
  • Tiny House - It's here, finally. I begin the major plans for making this happen. I don't know when I'll finish, but - fingers crossed - I will have a concrete plan in place by spring. In other words...
    • Plan Plan Plan
    • Build Build Build

To find out more about what's coming in 2019, check out the video!

And that, dear Reader, is it. What have you got planned for the year? Drop a comment below to share some of your triumphs, travails, and what you have planned for the new year! Let's make it epic.


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