Hey brahs and bras! 

A big HELLOOOOOOO to our new NU students and a welcome back to everyone on campus :) Just wanted to make sure you guys aren't missing out on all the schtuff we have here on NoggerU!

OSW Playlist:
Jay's monthly video series reviewing films/games/TV shows - whatever I've been enjoying!

Jan 2018:
Black Mirror S4 & Stories Untold

Feb 2018:
Night in the Woods, Thor Ragnarok & Jigsaw

Mar 2018:
Rise of the Tomb Raider & The Wolf of Wall Street

Apr 2018:
Parks and Recreation & The Sexy Brutale

May 2018:
Firewatch & BEST F(R)IENDS w/Tommy Wiseau

June 2018:
Gerald's Game & Her Story

NoggerU Film Reviews:
Jay & V1 tackle movies chosen by Top Tier NU students!

WWE Countdown:

Super Mario Bros:

PW vs Zombies: 

Samurai Cop 2 Uncensored: 



Hell Comes to Frogtown: 

Sunny Side Up: 


Fatal Deviation: 

Jurassic Park: 

List of future NU film reviews:
(next up is Scott Pilgrim vs The World!)

Deleted Scenes:
Clips from OSW episodes left on the cutting room floor!

5th Golden Noggers:

Christmas iMPACT:

B4G 2017:

B4G 2007:



Destination X:


Samurai Cop 2:


World War 3:

Fall Brawl 95:

First Ever RAW (Toxic Turtles!) :

The wonderful full versions of songs by our musician brahs



"Myah Myah Myah":  

"Zojack Yesman" (Ed Leslie):

Super OSW 64:
Jay's videogame music radio show on 103.2 Dublin City FM!

Newest show: Level 15!  
(Request tracks in the comments section of the show page or -> The Patreon post, which includes links to download EVERY SHOW in mp3/FLAC!)

Misc (stuff you might have missed!):
(TRIforce pic by BossK!) 

V1's Destiny 2 review:

OOC reads from Of Mice & Men:

OSW LIVE! (SummerSlam '93 review LIVE from Orlando!):

Let's Watch IWA KotDM:

Let's Watch Hardcore Homecoming:

Q&A 10:

Q&A 11:

Jay & V1 on Keep it 2000, reviewing David Arquette's SHADDDAPPPP Nitro!

And ya can check any tier level posts: $5, $10, $20, $50

And that's it! Thank you so much for allowing us to dedicate our time to doing what we do. You've literally made our lives so much better. Love you!

See ya in the funny pages :)


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