As we approach the Fall 2019 Equinox, I wanted to give you an outlook on what to expect for 2020 so you have a few months to think and prepare before the new year starts, and it will be a major planetary shift!

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In one phrase I would say 'Expect the Unexpected' for 2020. 

What many predicted for 2012 could actually happen in 2020, which will be a major shift economically, politically and socially. 

As you know I use Numerology as my primary esoteric reading system. In numerology there is a Global Year Count that goes from 1 to 9, each number representing a general trend for that year. 

The year 2020 combines to 4 

2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 2 + 2 = 4

In Numerology 4 can be connected to Aquarius - Uranus energy. 

For those not familar with Astrology, Aquarius - Uranus energy is CHANGE, transformation, revolution, and chaos. Although Donald Trump is a Gemini, he has a lot of Uranian energy - which is exemplified by his 'Midas Touch' which turns everything on its head with one tweet!

This in one image is the flavor of 2020, expect the unexpected!

So what can we expect from a 4 year in Numerology? 

4 is the number of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) - the sign of the Rebel, going against the grain, even to the point of open revolution and riots. It is also connected to future science, and is the most non-human sign. It rules the artificial, including artificial intelligence and computers, scientific experimentation and things that are 'Alien'. Socially it is connected to alternative lifestyles, hippies, and odd, or unusual behavior.

I have some bullet points for 2020:

- Global Economic Crisis / Economic Reset

- Political Turmoil, especially in the USA running up to the Presidential Election

- Open Rebellion, riots in the street

- Unexpected Earth Changes, Storms, Earthquakes

- Strange and Unusual events, even paranormal and UFO sightings


The standard calculation of 2020 in Numerology is 4, however to my eye I also see 22 which is a master number in Numerology. If 22 energy is present, what could this mean?

22 is known as the Master Builder in Numerology, it is an aspect of 11, the psychic channel and illuminator. 22 The 'Master Builder' represents building a large project over a long period time possibly even years or a decade. The finished project could be a literal building, a social organization, a body of work, or perhaps even the 'Great Work' spoken of by the Freemasons.

It would be a project inspired by a next level idea, possibly from another plane of dimension brought to reality with step by step progression. So its very possible that a major social trend will commence in 2020, one as big as 9/11 that will shift society.

22/4 is also known as 'control or be controlled'. If you do not take it upon yourself to set your destiny, it will be decided for you by the powers that be. So its on you to take responsibility and not 'go along to get along' with the plans of the so-called Elites.

This also mirrors the Saturn Pluto conjunction which starts in January 2020 - it will be a peak of censorship and restriction on the internet. We have already seen many Youtube channels being blocked, deleted and demonitized. Most likely the Authorities will overstep boundaries and there will be a backlash.

These archetypes can work both ways, so you can use 2020 as a year to start building your own plans in a positive sense. Do not run with the herd, Aquarian energy is about following the beat of your own drum and finding others that resonate with you. Find your own tribe.

Aquarius is about The Group after all! It can be organic spiritual connection or computerized mass mind - the choice is yours.

Now lets add the Astrological transits for more information on the year 2020. We have 2 major transits that can inform us on the trends running though 2020. Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces, which run till 2026. Uranus is overturning, revolution (Aquarius Energy) and Taurus is an Earth Sign ruling the Planet Earth, Economy, the Body and Food.

Major Trends under Uranus in Taurus

- Literal Earth Changes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes

- Transformation of Economy and Money, standardization of Digital Cash / Cryptocurrency

- Growth of Careers and Industry related to Esoteric and Metaphysical Fields

- Rise of New Age Cults, Taurus rules the dictator or cult leader

- Unusual or odd fashions, plastic surgery, transgenderism

- Artificial Foods, 'plant based meat', GMO Food

- Cybernetics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence

Major Trends under Neptune in Pisces

- Increase in Spiritualism, connecting to other Dimensions, going beyond the 3D world

- Growth of Arts & Music, often connected to spiritual or higher dimensional energy

- Use of Psychedelic Drugs

- Increase in Narcotics and Addiction, Neptune Pisces rules Drugs and Alcohol

- Spiritual Delusion, not being able to discern real information from falsehoods

- Illusion & fantasy, cosplay, furries, transgenderism

- Nuclear and petrolelum industry accidents

- Water Events such as Hurricanes, Typhoons and Floods

A major trend with Uranus and Taurus combined with Neptune in Pisces will be the rise of the New Age Cult, and lack of discernment between truth and falsehoods or disinformation. This can overlap with promotion of fake lab grown foods, the green agenda and so forth. The truth is multi-layered and will not be discernable from a quick glance at the surface level.

From the Astrological transits we can definitely overlay the Aquarian / Uranian trends over the Numerological trend of the 4 year and confidently say that most likely the Global Financial Reset will start in 2020. 

I am not a financial advisor, but these are the steps I am taking given the economic trends

- Pay down debt

- Keep Cash on Hand, limiting the amount of cash I keep in Banking Institutions

- Having in Gold and Silver on hand (not in IRA or Trust)

- Accumulating Cryptocurrency (invest at your own due diligence)

- Buy electronic or imported items that you want, 2020 could see major disruptions in shipping and availability. Most likely you will still be able to buy what you want, but it maybe more expensive.

- Working in Metaphysical Field (if it fits you, this will be a growing area)

- Any field that overlaps with new technology, new economy, will also do well

I want to emphasize that its not all negative or 'bad' but change is never easy. However its much easier to handle when * you know * the change is coming. In East Asian culture, the number 4 is considered taboo in certain circumstances because 4 has the same pronounciation as 'death'. 

And what is change but a kind of death – whether it is change of career or the end of a relationship. People never like change even if they are in bondage, however change or the end of an old cycle can also mean the birth of something new and freedom to try something different.

2020 will be a year of changes, and it maybe the birthquake of a new world that will be fully formed another 10 years out. 2020 maybe what people expected 2012 to be. I would be pro-active, its time to take your life's direction in your hands or it will be decided for you.

For those that have done their spiritual work and are balanced, it would be a great time to do manifestation work, use powered pyramids and radionics to shift to that 'positive timeline'.

Finally, as we talked about the Global Year count for 2020 is 4 but we each have a personal year count based on our birthday. If you're interested in a Numerology consultation, we can look at how your personal chart matches with the planetary changes for 2020. 

I have made this post public because I want to inform as many people as possible in the few months we have before the changes start. Its made possible by all the awesome patrons of the Pyramid Power Patreon!

- Masaki Miyagawa, akaida.com 

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