Thor's Woods: Toads & Hummingbirds!
Yesterday morning I was JUST going out on the deck to get some footage of our little potted garden, and instead I got enough video clips to make TWO new Thor's Woods vids! 

First, I saw this huge toad... and noticed there was a smaller toad not far along the same edge of the deck.  They were facing each other...

After I got some excellent closeups and even some toad chortling sounds recorded, I went over to the other side of the deck to throw Thor's frisbee (for the thousandth time, lol!)... and ended up catching a little hummingbird near the NEW feeder we just put out a day or two ago...

So I set up my phone on a series of two different tripods (my gorilla on top of my sister's tall metal tripod), and ran it more or less continuously for the next three hours or so.

I was just getting turbo-frustrated, scrubbing through endless clips, when the final two revealed a solitary female ruby-throated hummingbird!


So now I have a NEW record:  In one 24-hour period I shot, produced and published TWO videos, each about 4 minutes long.

VERY encouraging!

Now... back to the other dozen-or-so videos that are already in various stages of production... LOL

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