Pregnancy Mega Mod v. 33.2 is out!
  • Added a new option, that allow to change percent of chance, that your multiplets children will be identical ( ) . 
  • Added a new functional, that will change Pregnancy Moods automatically and randomly for pregnant sims ( ) .
    Currently, this functional will randomly add to your sims
    Angry pregnancy Mood
    Sad pregnancy Mood
    Embarrassed pregnancy Mood
    Uncomfortable pregnancy Mood  
    Happy pregnancy Mood  

    Thanks for all people, who suggested this idea and Moods names. :)

Important notice!

If you are using PMM with WickedWhims, you can experience some problems with PMM, because creator of WickedWhims (named Turbodriver) and me have some kind of conflict. He ( Turbodriver ) tried to interfere to use my PMM mod to users, who are using both of our mods. So, I've tested this release with WickedWhims with version up to WickedWhims - 6 June 2018 . If you experience some kind of issues with PMM and WickedWhims with version greater than WickedWhims - 6 June 2018, send me, please, a zip with WickedWhims to my email [email protected] (or with Google Drive) and I'll fix compatibility with it. 

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