Car Art!
I've seen some pretty good interest in my little car art pics I've put up on Facebook so far, so I decided to run with it and create more car art for

I really enjoy creating these, and besides the offer above, I am also posting some of my faves on sites like Society6, Redbubble, Zazzle, and TeeSpring.  I figure some peeps out there will like them... 

I also made a video with some transitions from the original car photos into car art effects. [first of several car art transformation vids]

There's more info at: 

And I am building a massive collection of car art, divided into several

Car Art Galleries 

Here are some teaser pics:

Yeah, I think the '67 Camaro SS was my favorite to play with...!  :wink:

My Contact Info, Pics, and Public Websites 

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