The Comics I make

I will try to explain all the stuff about comics I do - as short and clear as possible.
All the comics have ongoing character until they are finished.
I create different comic strips.
Some of those are shown outside on my website :
- Nicholas The Bard ;
- The Run; ( currently on hold, until I work on Nicholas )
Both of them have an ongoing character and can be seen outside. The patrons who pledge $5 or above can see the new pages of this comic before the it's shown on my site.

Aside of the other works I make other comic strips, which I'm not showing out. These comics have random character - can be parodies of known movies, or they are based on jokes.

Those can be seen by patrons who pledge $5 or above. Once the comic is finished, it will stay for 2 months inside my patreon, and then I will pull it out and put it on my archives.
The Archives are NOT on my Patreon. I am holding them on my HDD and I give them personally to people who pledge $10 - they can get one comic per month.

Tier $-- is for people who want to get all my comic strips at one click. Obviously, this is a one-time option, so there's no point of staying for more than a month - you already got what I've made so far. However, the people who choose to stay for more than a month will be considered as supporters who want to keep me going and working on more.

My comic strips are rude and silly and probably wouldn't be of liking to everyone. In all the ways those are created to make people laugh - on the situation, not to a certain group, community or sexual orientation.  
None of the comics expresses my real beliefs about sex, people, life or whatever in general.  
Sometimes to get reaction the artist make shocking or rude things, because the silence can be deafening.

I'm not bound to any specific genre or fetish - so keep that in mind  if you're into something very specific - and you're expecting me to draw only that thing.  I'm not lacking ideas of what to draw in my next comic - and definitely will not take requests or ideas of random people.

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