New Linocut Print! "Flunky plays concertina"

"Flunky plays concertina" Limited Edition 2 colors Linocut Print, 6" x 8", water-based ink on paper, 2018

Here is the 4th linocut print for "Flunky the clown" series.

What is concertina? A concertina is a free-reed musical instrument, like the various accordions and the harmonica. It has bellows, and buttons typically on both ends of it, unlike accordion buttons or keys, which at the front of the instrument.

 Wheatstone English concertina, circa 1920 

Again this time as well I took many pictures during the preparation of the lino block and later on I created an animated gif image, enjoy it!

Materials used: Soft linoleum block, sketch paper, thin paper for transferring the sketch,  HB pencil, red ball pen, green ball pen, clear tape, carving board and carving tools, cutter knife, printing ink, proper paper suitable for printmaking, regular paper to use for template and inking, marble surface for the ink, wooden spoon, water, soap, palette knife for mixing, brayer for printing.

(If you have any questions please let me know.)