This Summer Heat is getting to me...
It's 30°C inside my room with the fan running pretty much nonstop to keep me at least somewhat cooled (nonstop since more than a week!). In addition to that, on Monday I got diagnosed with a severe Sleep Apnoe, which explains an awful lot of motivational Issues I am having since one or two years (I do have Asthma aswell, so probably both are corelated), and also explains my insane temperature sensitivity when it comes to breathing at night.
They are gonna adjust the Air Pressure Sleep Mask Device (dunno its english name) in about a Month, so this issue should be fixed starting September.
Until then I cant really guarantee any meaningful updates because its simply too hot to sleep properly at all, regardless of my breathing issues...
I don't even want to eat food at the moment because it heats me up even more from the inside when I have to digest things. Im still eating something whenever I feel hungry, so dont worry that I will starve, it's just annoying as hell to eat things right now.
I am drinking lots of Water ofcourse, since that actually cools me down.


  • [FIXED] IC2 Log Spam when its Enet Powers GT6 Machines that are already at full capacity.
  • [FIXED] A Mod Loading Order Issue that came up in a very recent Version.
  • [FIXED] Pressure Valve only worked every 2 ticks instead of every tick. (Was a leftover from the old Pipe implementation)
  • [CHANGED] Ocean Water Light Opacity got a new different Mechanic that makes only the topmost Ocean Blocks stop Light, while below the Sea Level it behaves like Air Light Opacity, aka none. Perfect for Underwater Bases, like in latest MC Versions.

So yeah as you can see, not much happened from a creative thinking standpoint...

I'm trying to use my time to do some quality-of-life improvements, like getting a USB Satellite TV Receiver for my Computer, so I can get rid of that "almost" useless TV that I have, and still watch some of the few Series that I have left on TV to watch.
And all that in a window on my actual monitor, with a tiny box, instead of a blindingly bright oversized screen that noticeably heats up my room even more. I'm glad I was able to get rid of that today.

Im certain that once my main problems are solved I will be able to get back working on GT6 at a way better pace than this. Considering how much that Asthma Inhaler helped before its side effects got me.
I did get a replacement, but got also told to only use when needed, instead of twice a day.
At least I cant be allergic to increased Air Pressure while sleeping, so the thing im getting at the end of August should definitely help.

As for the Forums, well there is a Screenshot of how it looks like right now. There might be a few more Sub-Categories needed, but this is the main stuff I thought about so far. https is now working at least, so thats a nice thing. :3

Well, thank you all for your patience/support, and have a Download Page Link for convenience. ^^

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