Where do you most want to see me ?
Hello supporters and followers! I'm working on a longer in-depth update that will come out before the end of July (available for supporters only), but right now I think a very important question needs to be asked: do you want to see me return to YouTube, or should I keep prioritizing my blog? Do you want to see both, or perhaps more of my presence on another platform?

Please leave a comment or send me a direct message if you have anything to say about whether you like me explaining things on video or in written form. If I do return to YouTube, I have the ability now to edit, film with better quality, and explain topics in a more informed way than I did in my cringeworthy Christian attemps of five years ago. 


The Blog - CynthiaJeub.com

The Facebook Page - Insights on Epic Living

All of the above need more updates

Stop worrying about frequent updates, and focus on finishing the book

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