[RELEASE] Episode 6: The Longest Hours
Episode 6: The Longest Hours finds the crew waiting for a mission into a   mysterious enemy base.  Going in with little more than a guess as the forces and traps inside they wait for the mission to begin.  Many of the  crew are starting to come to terms with the Commander's choice in Episode 5.  Best way to blow off some stress before a high stakes mission?  Sexual activities!

Download the game [Links fixed] at the official website [ http://starshipinanna.com/Download.html ] or off of itch.io [ https://themaddoctors.itch.io/starship-inanna ].

You MUST redownload the full game, the update function does not work due to the upstream renpy change that combined the Win and Linux builds.

For Tech Support please use our FreshDesk [ https://themaddoctors.freshdesk.com/ ] and create a ticket.

v6.0 Changelog
-Initial Release