Love Collector v.83 dev build
I'm late! I killed so many bugs >.< 

I left the Rainbow Dash update in a pretty WIP state all those months ago. Between this and the next release, the intention is to finish up the WIP features. This is the "get it working" update- I'll rebalance the stat upgrades and lover unlock progression in the next one. If all is well, the next update will go public! :D

The "Collect" sequence has been reworked a bit. You can now push the cum out faster if you're impatient, or if you want to see the characters work a bit harder :D. You don't need to upgrade your cum bucket anymore, since it felt like needless grinding. Instead, you collect as much love as you can keep inside, and then use that to upgrade your belly size and other stats :3

You also gain Love Energy by giving pleasure to others, which is used to unlock stronger lovers. Stat upgrades, Unlocks, and the (improved) lover selection screen are all accessible through the in-game menu (gear icon on the bottom right).

Tier 2 patrons can try it early here! 


  • Collecting no longer limits you by bucket size. Now there's just an unlimited parade of buckets to hold your love.
  • Added "Push" button to Collection sequence. Pushing increases the speed of cum expelling, and the animation reflects the extra effort.
  • "Collect" button updated. You now need to reach a certain lower threshold of cum (250) before you can trigger it.
  • Menu button is now a gear icon on the bottom right.
  • NPC select screen is more usable. Instead of the awful scrolling list, you can now see all npcs at once and toggle them. 
  • NPC select screen now has group toggle buttons to toggle multiple npcs at once. The groups are WIP and will probably be more sensible in the next update :3
  • Shop is now "Unlocks" and is accessible in the same menu as the NPC select screen. 
  • Unlock lovers in tiered groups, based on their stats.
  • Some lovers are suspicious because they know the pony you're imitating, or they're naturally paranoid. Unlock "Charm" to reduce their suspicion. WIP, this'll be more impactful in the next update.
  • Character upgrades are now in the same menu as NPC selection and Unlocks.
  • Game camera no longer zooms out beyond the background.
  • Removed the "swap cum for energy" ability. Abilities will be tweaked in the next version to work more sensibly with stat upgrades.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some portraits not to appear at the start of a round.
  • Switched out minor particle effects for spritesheets to improve performance.
  • Unnecessary UI elements are now hidden at the start and during Collection.
  • Added missing Fluttershy squirt animation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dicks to float off on the side of the screen.
  • Player orgasm visuals tweaked.
  • Fixed about thirty bugs causing the Collection sequence to freeze or fail.
  • Score screen now doesn't break after first use >.<
  • Fixed several NPC selection bugs causing selected npcs to not show up. 
  • Fixed visual glitches on Pinkie's ear and hair.
  • Moved the UI around a little on Rarity's scene so her head isn't covered.
  • Fixed the X button not appearing on the first npcs.
  • Love Energy now resets after Collecting
  • Fixed a bug that broke everything if you only had a small set of npcs selected.
  • Character select screen layout updated.
  • Removed cheats on the Character select screen.
  • Removed (+) upgrade buttons on the Character select screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing the last npc's dialogue to sometimes appear as a new npc appears.
  • Fixed a bug breaking autoplay after Collecting.
  • Edited tooltips and descriptions to be more helpful.


There're still bugs to fix, including one that breaks particle effects on 4k screens. I'm working on it! :3

I'm also adding some better abilities, and a cheats screen so you can do stuff like make your stomach into an endless black hole for cum. Some more npcs, too!

What's next?

The next update will hopefully be a working prototype of a super secret unnamed game, which will be playable as a mobile app, browser game, or desktop app :D

More Love Collector stuff in preparation for the Twilight update.

Secret Horse Files will get a public release pretty soon! 

I dunno, it's hot in here and I'm brain fried. There's other stuff too... >.<'

My amazing patrons keep me alive and coding. Please, hit me with any and all ideas, feedback, and suggestions. I'm still a little overwhelmed by the whole public relations part of all this, but I super appreciate hearing from you.