More reviews of current games coming from me soon
So I recently became the proud owner of a Shadow PC. More info on that in the forum and the official website:

In a word, it's awesome. A GTX 1080-equipped Windows 10 PC for barely 30 euros a month that will be upgraded automatically to near cutting-edge spec whenever new hardware is released. And it functions pretty much flawlessly. There are some kinks to be worked out on the user's end, depending on his situation, but I've worked them out for myself at least (and can help others do so; message me on Discord if you need help, or wait for my guide if you are patient), and the service is improving by leaps and bounds every month. It's already perfectly usable for anyone in Western Europe or California and its surrounding states (and there are people in Central and Eastern Europe and the Eastern US who are also reporting good results), and within months we expect new data centers to cover the entire US and more parts of Central and Eastern Europe. Simply put, if your ping to Paris or San Jose, CA is around 50ms or less, you should jump on the bandwagon asap, especially if you don't already own a decent PC (and there are plenty of reasons to jump in even if you own a decent PC, which I'll be covering soon). Just go to this site:

Click "Change Server", and, if you are in Europe, pick "Paris - Orange"; if in the US pick "San Jose, CA -", then click "GO" and if your download speed is 15Mbps or higher and your ping 50ms or lower you are in business, regardless of whether the service is officially available in your region (it isn't yet in Spain, where I am, and yet I am using the UK service flawlessly; Europeans specifically should all pick the UK service because it's the cheapest, and it still uses the Paris data centers since that's the only ones currently available in Europe). And if you use ANTPEOBP as your promo code you get $10 off (as do I: this is my personal promo code that can be used by anyone forever), and you basically get your first month near half-price to try the service out and be convinced of what I am saying.

I will post a full review of the service as soon as I have finished a couple of games on it, and I have already ordered the Shadow box which is basically a 100-euro box that lets you use the service without having to tie down your computer. A review of that is also forthcoming, along with pictures of my setup, and even a series of articles on my gaming room, how I built it, etc., with full picture coverage.

The upshot of all this is that I will slowly start increasing my output of reviews of current games. I still have a few dozen Videogame Art essays to finish, and a bunch more theory essays, and those will take precedence; but my plan is to work up to a weekly review of a current game, and, eventually, weekly impressions of every game in my Most Wanted list on Insomnia, one by one, as they are released, depending on whether the Patreon income keeps increasing so I can afford all these games. I've already increased my Steam library from 900+ games to almost 2000 via the Family Sharing feature [ > ], so with the help of a few CULT members with large Steam libraries I already have access to more games than I've ever had (and if you have a large Steam library and want to give me a further boost, get in touch so we can arrange it).

The rate of new content on Insomnia is also picking up, as you may have noticed, and I am about to embark on a new era for the site of pretty damn timely and comprehensive coverage!

Stay tuned.

P.S. If you live in a different country to the one you are subscribing to (and perhaps a different state, if in the US; not sure how that works, but I am sure it will be easier than with a different country), just use the address and phone number of, say a hotel in that country from the internet. It worked for me. I just googled a hostel in London and gave them its details. And the debit card I used was from yet another country, so I basically subscribed to the UK service from Spain with a Greek debit card, and it worked fine. They want new subscribers so they won't give you any trouble even if you tell Customer Support exactly what you are doing. And the official Discords are full of people ready to help you out.

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