Bramble Masshead 7/12/4

Spell: Explode

Fishmonger with a selection of fresh local catch. Uses huge amounts of ice, it fills the aisles and pours in to the street where children play in it and throw snowballs at customers. Masshead is a huge boulder of a man, head the size of most people. Unreadable, indifferent, collects bottles. Crabfish 3p, Bishopfish 12p, Popefish 1fl, Cod 5p, Whale/lb 4p, Cockles 2p/lb. Pathway to a friged sphere in the basement, occasionally blows frozen back-drafts that rattle the cellar door and scare the patrons. Large suit of bronze armour in the bedroom, impossibly heavy and huge +3.

Rumour: A white horse is chasing a paper pedlar down a nearby street.

Big map: