The Leangains Method - The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected.

As the Lens suggests, there's two as of this moment FYI, I submitted my book to pre-order a few hours ago. The fine print states that it can take up to 72 hours before the page goes live. Our resident Amazon expert claims it'll be available within 3-24 hours however, so we'll see. 

Price: In a last minute decision, I dumped the price. Set it to $9.99 instead of $29.99. Why? Call it my get-into-heaven-pass. It'll be the ace I pull when they ask. Plus it wouldn't hurt if you bought your clueless or desperate friend(s) a copy or two. For $10, you can. 

Paperback Edition: In the next few days I'll try to make the paperback happen as well. Recent changes to Amazon has made that a possibility, although compromises need to be made. For $10, that's fine. If it goes well, you might see a Special Edition using the interior layout design we worked so hard on. With the extra material that was left out. Who knows, I'm oblivious at this point, but if you like the first edition, you'll like that stuff. 

Release date: The release of the book is 16th of August. 16/8. I didn't select that date because of the obvious meta-reference to the book itself. I chose it because I'm too fucking tired to deal with a book release on Monday. I've already lost 2/3 of the greatest summer in history,  weather wise. I ain't losing it all by jumping on a PR campaign. 

⬆︎ this inevitably led to ⬇︎and although I usually delete these woe-is-me-outbursts, I'm keeping this one here just so you can see what it takes to be me. I want you to think about it when you read the book.

Rant: This book has already cost me so much and I don't expect to make it back. Forget about the tens of thousands $ I've spent on copyediting and formatting. That's nothing. The 15 months of stress, grief and constant internal struggle, that's something I'll never get back. 

But I turned it into something that has never been done and won't ever be done again. And that's also something. 

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