Patreon Credit SNAFU
Hi friends,  

I was coming on here today to send you my Lammas/Lughnasadh poem (which is just an extra I wrote yesterday morning).  

Instead, I discovered that Patreon marked most of your credit cards as declined and banks marked them as fraudulent charges. As a result, creators (myself included) got paid a fraction of usual.  My funding was down by 4/5ths.

I need to check my outgoing pledges myself. If you use PayPal, things are likely fine. If you use a credit card...not so much.   

What I've read:  If you are a patron that uses a credit card, please check with your bank to approve the charge as non-fraud or update your payment method. Many creators have had 30-75% of their income deleted.   

Meanwhile, here's the Lammas poem attached.   

much love and gratitude - Thorn



I'm hearing that iTunes may also be having issues.
Also, one of my patrons reports that they contacted their bank, got the "fraud" charge cleared, and then logged back into Patreon, where there was a "retry" button. The new charge went through.

SECOND UPDATE:  Most of my pledges seem to be back. Whatever the credit card issue was must have gotten fixed! 

Thanks for your support.