Full walkthrough (spoilers)
This walkthrough is written for Glamour 0.5. It's full of spoilers, so you should only read it if you're stuck or want to make sure you've already played through all of the content available.

0.6 will introduce a in-game quest log, which will guide players through events in the game, but we're going to keep updating this information by making a wiki.

If you're playing for the first time, it is reccomended that you play through the intro.

Once that's done, you have many dialogs with Julia to go through. Some of them will open new dialogues and other interesting information, so, you should talk with her about everything. For example, talking with her about morning runs will open the mall on the world map. Some new dialogues won't open right away and you'll have to wait from a couple of hours to a full day. For example, when Julia says that she'll look something up on the web, you'll have to give her some time to actually do it.


Some events in the game are on rails and you shouldn't be able to miss them, even if you try. Those are "trying on a new uniform", two first days in college, and four massage events at Lien's parlor. 

Now let's go in more details:

On the second day, starting at 17:00, if Kate is in the same room with Julia, there will be a dialog about newly arrived college uniform. If Kate evaded Julia throughout of the day, Julia will find her in the evening anyway.

Now that college is off the rails, you can start interacting with your classmates. Asking them about a job is important to the story, but just like with Julia, you should talk to all of them about everything. Some dialogues will open new ones. (Sometimes you'll have to wait a full day for them to appear.)

On the third day, Monday the 1st, Julia will walk up to Kate and send her off to college. Kate will be introduced to math and cs teacher Karen, philosophy and history teacher Adam, coach Lucas and classmate Angela.

Second college day starts the same way as the first one, by Julia sending Kate off. On a second day Kate will meet her classmate Sophie, biology teacher Maya, physics and chemistry teacher Veronica and nurse Zoe (the game doesn't have any content with the clinic yet). Also, second college day events will show Kate has a problem, which Julia will be happy to help with.

Starting from the fifth day (Wednesday the 3rd) if Kate is in the same room with Julia between 12:00 and 17:00, the game will start a new event. Julia will walk up to Kate and send her off to Lien, who will be happy to help with Kate's shyness. There are four massage events, no more than one per day. All of them start at the same time (between 12:00 and 17:00, if Kate is in the same room).

After finishing massage events, if you've already talked to Angela about job twice, then Julia will talk to you next day about the money problem and ask you to find any kind of job. Talk to Angela about a job for a third time. It will start a series of events about getting a job in the hotel.

Getting a maid job in the hotel

To start this event chain you'll need to talk to Angela about job two times and go through four massage events with Lien. Then Julia will walk up to Kate and tell her they need more money and Kate needs to find any kind of job. This will open a new dialog with Angela, which will open a new location — Magnolia hotel.

Once there, Kate will meet the hotel administrator Monica, but she'll say the hotel doesn't have any job offers. You'll need to talk to Julia. She will suggest going there again and namedropping Angela. Kate should wait a day, go back to the hotel and try again. Congratulation, you have a job!

Again: first dialog with Angela about the job > wait 24 hours > second dialog with Angela > dialog with Julia > wait 24 hours > third dialog with Angela > dialog with Monica in the hotel > dialog with Julia > wait 24 hours > dialog with Monica.

First hotel day

Next day after Monica agrees to give Kate the job, you can come back at daytime (between 12:00 and 18:00) for work. First work day will be a tutorial on rails. Kate will meet her classmate Jane and their dialog will depend on whether Kare and Jane met and talked about looking for jobs.

This day is also the day when Kate will steal other people's stuff. Stealing is bad and will have negative consequences in the future. You decide what's more important for you: good karma or a quick buck. If you don't feel like stealing jewelry or used panties, you won't miss out on anything. The wine bottles are exception, though, you should totally steal those :) If you feel bad about it, imagine the hotel residents throwing a huge party and waking up the next day with an extra wine bottle lying around. They are so hungover they can't even look at it, so they won't mind it missing :)

Periodic events in the hotel

If you take wine bottles, Lien will offer to drink them together, where Kate will learn some interesting information. You should go through all of their dialogs.

Working as a maid isn't just cleaning. You get to meet all kinds of characters. We've increased probability to meet them from 50% to 100%, so now as long as you have new events to go through, Kate will see something interesting every shift.

Some of hotel resident events are crucial to the story. You should go through all 6 of first Candy events. In the last one she'll ask Kate to get closer to Nicolas, which will open the main storyline from 0.5.

Starting from 0.5 Monica will start paying salary. If Kate worked for more than 7 shifts, she'll be able to ask Monica about money.

The basement

This series of events isn't related to anything else yet, but you might be interested in completing it anyway because something interesting might happen while you do it.

To start the event chain, you'll need to click on the door on the left in the hall. This will unlock a dialog about the basement with Julia, which, in turn, will open up an option of cleaning the basement. There will be a whole bunch of junk, so Kate won't be able to do it in one go. Every time you'll have to wait a couple of hours. You'll need to clean the basement five times to take all the garbage out.

Talk to Julia after cleaning the basement. She'll suggest painting the basement and will order some paint. On the next day, handyman Rick will deliver the paint between 15:00 and 18:00. If Kate won't be home, he'll try the next day, and the next day... He'll keep trying till he finally catches Kate home.

After getting the paint, Kate will need to talk to Julia, which will unlock an option to paint the basement. You won't be able to do it in one go and will have to wait several hours between tries.

Unfortunately, Kate won't listen to Rick's advice about fresh air and it causes an interesting incident. After that Julia will demand Kate to be more careful and paint the basement no more than once per day and only during daytime when Julia is at home. You'll have to finish the basement with big pauses and you won't be able to start earlier than 10:00.

Again: clicking on the basement, cleaning the basement, talk to Julia (and buy paint), paint delivery (and meet Rick), paint the basement.

Watching TV

There's a TV in the living room, where you can watch different channels, including erotica. First watching with Julia will start an interesting dialog. After that Kate will be too shy to watch erotica with Julia in the room. But if she's not there, Kate will be able to have some fun. If tries it at the time when Julia can enter the living room (in 0.5 Julia can barge in between 8:00 and 19:00) then, well, guess what she'll see. There are several dialogs in this situation and they will depend on whether Julia caught Kate peeking in the shower.

Kate peeking on Julia in the shower

You should probably try that between 14:00 and 14:30, when Julia is taking a shower. In the future version Julia's schedule will be more dynamic and it might happen during different time. Peeking will change Julia's reaction when she catches Kate playing with herself in front of the TV.


Backyard has a minipool and a couple of deck chairs. The game always has a great weather, so nothing will stop the girls from enjoying the sun. Kate can join Julia's company and who knows what they'll do together... And don't forget about the neighbors who might be doing who knows what...

Cafe «Déjà vu»

Open hours are 10:00 till 21:00. You can drink a cup of coffee, eat something, meet new people and have a great time. For now the menu has coffee, ice cream and waffles. Waffles help with hunger, coffee give you energy and ice cream helps with a little bit of both. If Kate doesn't have the money — don't worry, Vicky is a very nice person and she'll open the tab for Kate.

How do I unlock the cafe?

First you need to meet Alice in college and go through all available dialogs. Then, while you go from one location to another or wait, Alice will walk up to Kate and ask to go in a cafe. If you already have plans, you can say no and ask Alice later. Or you can wait five more days and Alice will ask you again.

First day in the cafe: Alice and Kate go to the cafe, Kate meets Vicky and they place their order. Alice and Kate talk about Alice and her family. She has a brother in the boot camp and a sister who works in the cafe.

Attention: Keep in mind, all dialogs in the cafe are only available once per 24 hours. To start them, you need to order something two times in a row.

Second day, Vicky will join the table after Kate makes a second order and they talk a bit more about the cafe, Lisa and Max.

Third day, this time Lisa will walk up instead of Vicky and introduce herself. She'll talk about herself, Alice, her brother and her boyfriend, who happened to be at the same boot camp as her brother. What a coincidence!

Fourth day, another dialog with Vicky. She'll ask Kate about her meeting with Lisa, about her boyfriend and say she knows more, but doesn't want to talk about it.

Fifth day, Lisa will talk about her job in the cafe, mention her father, ask Kate shy she's single and tell something about Alice.

Sixth day, Lisa will apologize for the previous conversation, talk about Alice's problem, ask Kate about the job and mention aunt Kira, who lives in Magnolia.

Seventh day, Lisa will talk about the clients, we'll see a familiar face and Lisa will demonstrate one of her tricks, which Kate will learn. Let's hope it goes well for her.

Main storyline 0.5

Kate will overhear a dialog between Ruby and Andrew, where she'll learn about Andrew's very particular set of skills.

Next you'll need to go through all six Candy dialogs in the hotel. In the last one she'll ask Kate to get closer to Nicolas.

Step one: principal's office. Starting from 7:00, you can walk up to Nicolas's office and overhear his conversation with Karen about keys.

Step two: In the hall, starting from 7:35 or during a second break, Kate can overhear another conversation between Nicolas and Karen. This time she'll learn where to get a copy of the key.

Step three: stealing a key. You need to go to Nicolas's office between 12:00 and 17:00 and wait. Kate will wait until Nicolas leaves his office to sneak in and take the key.

Step four: now it's time to tell Candy about your progress. To do that, go to Magnolia after 12:00 and click on Candy's room. Kate will tell about Nicolas's laptop and keys. Candy will say to return to her next day.

Step five: another talk with Candy. She'll offer Kate to go to the park and talk there. She'll also say her hackers can't help and Kate will have to look for help somewhere else.

Step six: it's time to talk to Andrew (on a break or before lessons) and try to convince him to help us. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to do anything illegal and you'll have to ask Candy for help again.

Step seven: another conversation with Candy, who's going to mention Kate not using all of her options. Candy will teach Kate flirting, time to put it to use!

Step eight: Flirting with Andrew. Now when you talk to Andrew there's an option to flirt with him. 0.5 doesn't have flirting as an independent gameplay mechanic, so it will only work on Andrew and only in the main story. Andrew will agree to help, but he'll immediately back down after learning whose laptop he needs to hack. Kate will decide to ask Julia for help, she's a pro at flirting!

Step nine: Conversation with Julia, who'll mention Kate's lack of knowledge on body language. Julia will promise to find courses for Kate, but for now it's just a setup for future updates. Julia will teach Kate a new flirting trick: touching (will be available in 0.6). Now you can go talk to Andrew again. Don't do it more than once per day, though.

Steps 10, 11, 12: flirting with Andrew. Keep asking him till you finally wear him down. Eventually he'll agree and say he needs to know Nicolas's laptop model.

Step thirteen: Nicolas's office, go there after classes (after 12:00). There will be a surprise, showing Kate a glimpse of where she actually is... This time she won't be able to get the information, but there's always another try, right?

Step fourteen: trying Nicolas's office again. This time Kate should get the information she needs. Amongst other things... But now Kate finally knows the laptop model!

Step fifteen: talk to Andrew and tell him the laptop model. He'll say he needs a couple of days to write the program.

Step sixteen: talk to Andrew after waiting two days. The flash drive is finally ready. Of course, Andrew is afraid Kate will get caught and he might be expelled... But he can't resist Kate's charms. It's time to finally get that information.

Step seventeen: Nicolas's office. I'm not going to spoil what happens there. The important part is now it's time to tell Candy about your progress.

Step eighteen: talk to Kandy and give her the flash drive. She'll promise to look into it and ask you to come back next day.

Step nineteen: return to Candy, who will ask Kate to talk about the flash drive in a cafe. That should be an interesting conversation...

Step twenty: Nicolas will ask you to talk to him in his office next time you go to college. It won't be the most pleasant conversation, and at the end of it he'll ask you to be quiet and wait till he'll think about it.

Step twenty one: Nicolas will find you again. Thankfully, things don't seem too bad... Right? We'll find out in the future updates.

Massage parlor (0.5)

As long as Kate worked at least one shift in the hotel, she can ask Julia about the process of making an appointment for a massage. This conversation will unlock Lien's massage parlor on the map. Open hours are 18:00 to 21:00.

First erotic massage will be free, the rest will cost you. Relaxing massage will cost you $50, erotic one — $200. You can have one without paying, but then the next one won't be available until Kate pays off the last one.

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